I collaborate with different insurance companies, which will resolve many claim concerns to generate additional payments. Generate monthly reports to office manager or company. Evaluate how company create, prepare and submit claims to insurance companies for processing both electronic and paper. Evaluate UB92, UB04 and 1500 claim forms for collection of payments from patient and insurance companies. I will utilize a business process to improve software measurements and applications to analyze trends and implement procedures that will promote improvements of processes. I will address compliance gaps to identified issues in claim processing and coding issues. I will develop a business process model for all billing and coding functions using
Web Sphere business model. I will provide help in the decision making for business process issues. I will research and determine the viability of collections on all account receivables. I will improve billing procedures and provide the necessary training. I will review billing and coding procedures for quality control, referral process, collection standard reports, account receivable reports. Train staff on billing and coding procedures such as entering and processing claims, payments and denials. Complete medical records necessary for billing claims. Audit and review, medical records needed on open receivables. Trusted and HIPAA knowledge 

Support IT and network to manage billing and coding issues, resolved billing and coding issues by identifying and analyzing and testing before going live. Maintain and resolve day to day billing issues when billing system are live. Research system errors and recommend solutions to resolve billing and coding issues. Evaluate billing and coding collection operation for inpatient and outpatient services. 

Review correspondence that is related to insurance or patient accounts. Review demographic and provider information in billing system. Review the entire configuration of the critical module from the billing system.  Determine the root causes of claims and coding issues by using the customer access billing system. Review outcomes that would further increase account receivables. Supervise credit balance operation establish automated process account receivables for patient and insurance. Complied and distribute biweekly accounts receivable aging to companies to ensure proper communications and account tracking process. Trained staff on EMR and how to retrieve information from system. Assist in the developing a medical billing practice management software. Schedule meetings, obtain proper signatures from provider on paperwork and electronically in EMR system. Analyzed EMR system and implement transition to new system to increase functionally company. Coordinate with collectors, Monitor research and resolve collection on outstanding accounts. Working with companies to resolve billing and coding problems and corrections to EHR. Correct coding and billing errors from aging reports, review and identify, review the accuracy of billing data and revise any errors, review billing data from errors, Audit Company billing coding procedures. Educate companies on billing processes, have weekly conference calls with companies. Implement procedures for billing process, audit billing and coding to determine ways to improve cash flow. 

Benefits of Billing & Coding Consultant
Claims denial audits
Billing edit resolution
Improve outcome of companies
Manage increase denials
Increase Cash flow
Reduce Billing Errors
Manage end to end Revenue Cycle
Ensure accurate Billing & Coding Compliance
Zoom Virtual Initial consultation: One-time fee $299.00 if sign up for a package it will be $100 off

Specializing in


·         Home health Billing & coding

·         Physical Therapy Billing & Coding

·         Cardiology Billing & Coding

·         Radiology Billing & Coding

·         Behavioral Health Billing & Coding

·         Pharmacy Billing & Coding

·         Dental Billing & Coding

·         Podiatrist Billing & Coding

·         Optical Billing & Coding

·         Anesthesia Billing & Coding

·         Oncologist Billing & Coding

·         Pediatrics Billing & Coding

·         DME Billing & Coding




























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